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The Healthy-5 Formula

Some things - actually, many things in life - just aren’t right. All the time we are bombarded by things that aren’t right - usually involving other people and their decisions.

It’s natural for such things to affect us emotionally in really strong ways. And it’s ok to allow ourselves to go through those emotions.

The most important thing is:

1. Never making decisions while our emotions are volatile.

2. Analyzing our thinking in relation to the unjust thing.

3. Separating the thinking we are having in relation to it that is not constructive from what is constructive.

4. Banishing the non-constructive thinking from our minds.

5. Making decisions based on only the constructive thinking.


This is a brief post that originally appeared on The Last Symptom online community at Join us there by following the link, or by downloading the Locals app from the App Store and searching for The Last Symptom by Brian Barnett within. Content such as this is shared there daily, including livestreams hosted by Brian Barnett on Mondays. Be sure to take advantage of those resources.

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