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Is Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) Curable?

The question is whether Borderline Personality Disorder is curable or not. The answer is yes, it is completely curable, and anybody who tells you otherwise - no matter what credentials they might wave in your face - simply has no accurate understanding whatsoever of its fundamental nature.

How do I know this? I myself personally lived with Borderline Personality Disorder all the way up until almost the age of 40 completely oblivious to the fact that I had it, or that such a thing even existed. I suffered a tremendous crisis in my life at that time which led me on an intense, seven-year investigative journey to understand myself and the forces involved with that whole fiasco better. Not only did I completely rid myself of the disorder, but I’ve been helping others do the same for themselves for nearly a decade now under the banner of The Last Symptom.

You’ve been told that Borderline Personality Disorder is a mental illness - it’s not. That would require the problem to be rooted in a malfunctioning brain, which is not the case.

You’ve been told it’s a problem of genetics - it is not, nor are genetics relevant to it at all, the same way your culture has nothing to do with genetics but is still something that families pass down.

You’ve been told it has something to do with amygdala sizes and all sorts of horse poo. It has nothing to do with one’s amygdala, nor are scientists capable of identifying for a fact that somebody is truly living with Borderline Personality Disorder, and only that disorder in isolation, before they do these studies, anyway. How could they? They don’t even understand the very nature of what it is, so how would they know what to look for or not look for? Furthermore, even if they could for a certainty identify who specifically has Borderline Personality Disorder or not, they have absolutely no method for knowing whether the things they then observe through their microscopes are the cause of it or the result of it.

Absolutely absurd, these arguments that go, “But studies have shown…!” As if the interpretation of studies mean nothing. It is in fact only the interpretation of the results of studies that matter, and they must be done by imperfect people, which means they can be interpreted completely wrong, and are interpreted completely wrong.

Not even members of these so-called professional psychological groups who supposedly specialize in these things are capable of consistently diagnosing their patients accurately, and if you doubt it, ask around to those who have had experience with them. Most of their diagnoses are determined by their own self interests along with their relationship with the insurance companies. Whatever their specialty is, that’s what the majority of them are going to say you have. It’s the Law of the Hammer.

You’ve been told it’s a personality disorder. Nope. That would require the origin of the problem to be fundamentally rooted in one’s personality. It is not.

The truth, and the only truth, is that Borderline Personality Disorder is an emotional disorder, meaning that it originates from an inaccurate, unhealthy perspective regarding the very nature of feelings, self, and life, in that order. How does one come to live with these inaccurate, unhealthy perspectives? By observing the attitudes of the primary authority figures in their lives (parents) when they are children. Why do the parents live with these unhealthy attitudes? Because they’re also living with emotional disorders, whether they’re conscious of it or not.

Since Borderline Personality Disorder completely and only originates from a poor emotional education in childhood, it is completely fixable, the same way learning to speak English poorly is no more impossible to fix than identifying what you’ve learned poorly, exploring what’s wrong about your understanding of it, and learning the right alternative by contrast.

It’s important to understand that every symptom and issue involving Borderline Personality Disorder (as well as every single other emotional disorder, for that matter) can be traced down to issues involving a misunderstanding about the nature of value, or worth.

I am including a picture here of a graph I created just today to share with my audience on The Last Symptom online community (on the Locals platform, links to join in the Free Resources tab). My hope is that this will help a lot of people get oriented in their own efforts to get healthy, maybe even you reading this.

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1 Comment

Jun 01

I cried reading this article. So full of hope, a path forward and an understanding of how I got where I am. Thanks for all your hard work on The Last Symptom.

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