Works with your personal schedule. Provides a solid foundation of insights upon which you can continue to build for years. Greatly improves your efforts to recover from emotional disorder authentically. Identifies erroneous perspectives you have lived with. Explains in great detail how they got there, how they affect you, and how to correct them. Helps you replace underlying unhealthy misperceptions with new, accurate, healthy perceptions. Purchase provides ongoing access for 7 months. 

How Phone Calls With Me Work


You wonder something. You have a doubt, or a concern. You have specific questions. You are stuck. You feel you need some direction, or clarity. 


Directly from your phone, computer, or tablet, you schedule a time to talk privately, one-on-one with Brian Barnett, by choosing one of the Book It options above. Select from available times and days on the interactive calendar that appears. 


During the scheduling process, you pay securely with credit or debit card.  


This service is international. Schedule your appointment according to New York time. Give your phone number. Specify your country of residence. Barnett will contact you at the scheduled time using the information you provide. If you are outside the USA he will use the free Signal app service, available for free download to your phone or computer. Signal provides free, high-quality calls and messaging with a Wifi connection, or your data plan. 


Brian Barnett is friendly, patient, and understanding. He personally dealt with many similar issues in his own recovery. He will listen intently, non-judgmentally, and he will safeguard your privacy. You can expect immediately-practical insights on where your current focus might most effectively be, and on what may be preventing you, or a loved one, from progressing. His objective is to share concrete insights that might be used for true, measurable strides forward in your own efforts toward authentic emotional health.   


Why Brian Barnett charges for conversations: This arrangement, along with donations, supports the free resources Barnett currently offers, and allows him to focus ever more exclusively on this work. It allows him to expand the quality, reach, and effectiveness, of all efforts related to The Last Symptom, which in turn helps more and more people! So thank you for your part!