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"Dear Brian, I want to thank you for [The Last Symptom] podcast. My ex-husband was one of your participants on the show and he has been sharing his experience he’s had while going through your program. We were married with a small child when [name withheld] was diagnosed. It affects everyone who is with a person with BPD. He has struggled for so long. This is the first time since our marriage I am seeing, not only a true acceptance of his disorder, but his drive to want to better himself. So not only are you helping [name withheld], a man I hold very dear to my heart as an ex-husband, and father to our child, [but] his work will truly be helping our son! Thank you so much. I’m very grateful!" - S.H.




"You have touched so many people’s lives, including mine. I believe your work is more earth shattering than you realize. You are guiding people to their potential and gifting them an authentic life with its authentic joys for the first time ever.  We salute you." - L.S.


"I just wanted to share how grateful I am to Brian Barnett for sharing his story and his wisdom with us selflessly and freely for everyone to benefit. I cannot express how thankful I am to him. [His work] is slowly turning my life around through each podcast and insight. And all this for free... with so much effort and intricacy. I can't imagine how many people are struggling and have not come upon [The Last Symptom], whose podcasts are literally a light at the end of the tunnel. What if I was born too long ago, and never got to hear of Brian Barnett and his work. I would have lived my whole life with Borderline Personality Disorder with no answers. I consider myself very lucky to have stumbled upon this. How many lives you have saved." - S.L.L.



"I went through 2 years of DBT [Dialectical Behavior Therapy] certification... with the absurdly out-of-order workbook and worksheets that just frustrated me more. I did one-on-one sessions with my therapist where she humiliated me by having me do DBT chain analysis over and over until I felt broken. But what was strange is it felt comfortable to me, even though it was humiliating. When I heard your podcasts, I realized why! I was being humiliated for my feelings and emotions the same way my mother and father had done to me my entire life. When I would express my distress about my feelings during a specific activity, they were dismissed, and I was made to feel as if I should be ashamed for not participating. So what did I do? I participated, then at the end, I received a certificate of "graduation". Now I have a piece of paper saying I can conform when I need to. Congratulations to me. Thank you, Brian. Your [work] has woken me the hell up. You have no idea how much I appreciate the frankness with which you speak. Thank you from one good 'ol Appalachian girl to a good 'ol Appalachian guy. I appreciate you!" - N.H.





"I have read extensively on Borderline Personality Disorder, hell-bent on being the mother my daughters deserve. I would walk away in more of a fog than I was [already] in. I can't tell you how profoundly your writing and podcasts hit me, Brian, when I came across them. It was the lighthouse cutting through the fog of all the contradictory bullshi*. It has literally changed my life. My husband says I'm like an entirely different person now the way I handle myself. Thank you, thank you, thank you." - L.R.





"Hey there, my name is **** and I am from Australia. I don't even know where to begin in terms of the absolute resonance I feel when listening to each and every podcast. What I love about your podcast is that it really, really emphasizes that it is up to me. I am up to episode 24B and just wanted to say I am so grateful for your insight. The reason I searched for podcasts on this topic is because even though public [emotional] health [services] in the area I am from [has] been helpful in crisis situations... I want to pull this stuff out from the root, and not just manage symptoms. Anyway, I could go on and on - I guess the main message is thanks - all the way from down under." - B.  





"When I look back at myself over the past few months since I’ve come across Brian’s content, I feel a sense of pride and comfort, because I recognize that there are little bits and pieces about myself that are different. I am constantly making progress even though the steps are small and being able to sit down and remind myself [of this] on a regular basis is powerful to me." - M.S.

"I have had bad experiences with so-called professionals: I even married one! But what hooked me was that you identify borderline as a 'disorder', and that you correctly call these sorts of disorders 'emotional' in nature, not 'mental'. I've been saying this sort of thing for years, as I truly believe disorders like borderline are emotional in nature, not something that indicates a disease or malfunction of one's grey cells. It has taken me many years and much research, life experience, reading, trying to analyze the situation, to realize that I must find my way, work towards emotional health, and find some source that seems in sync with my way of thinking in order to better clarify what is to be done for improvement. I was delighted to find your site and listen to some [of your] podcasts, as I trust someone who has 'been there' far more than an academic who has been trained in the medical model, and hasn't experienced certain symptoms for him or herself.  I am remaining cautious, however, due to past disappointment, but optimistically so. So far, so good. Congratulations, in any case, for working through, and winning, your battle with this complicated disorder.  I realize there is no panacea, no magic formula, but I am encouraged with your story, and I want to learn more." - A.R. 




"I have struggled with this for a while, confused at what it was. I was told I was sensitive, crazy, etc. It wasn't until the past year I realized it was Borderline Personality Disorder. I began reading online about it, looking for hope to cure it. All I would find were pessimistic articles that said I would always have it in the back of my mind, and that the symptoms are treatable but may easily come back. Once I found your articles, I gained a sense of optimism in my life. While I may be struggling still, I am so thankful to be accepted into your group. I no longer feel alone with this condition, and I no longer feel doomed to my fate. It will be a long journey, but the results will be very pleasing. I can't wait to take control of my life, finally. Thanks so much." - K.S.




"Finding your podcasts completely by accident, I commenced to listen until you mentioned the Facebook group. After 44 years of pain and agony of what was diagnosed by my first ever 'trauma therapist' as BPD within fifteen minutes of being in her presence, I was... suddenly ashamed because I had read of all the horrible things the professionals already said about those with BPD for years. Was this really me? Was I the person that all those books said I was? I went through two years of DBT (Dialectical Behavior Therapy) certification with the absurdly out-of-order workbook that just frustrated me more. I did one-on-one sessions with my therapist where she humiliated me by having me do DBT chain analyses over and over until I felt broken. When I heard your podcasts, I realized why! It was because I was being humiliated for my feelings and emotions the same way my mother and father had done to me my entire life. When I would express my distress about my feelings during a specific activity, they were dismissed, and I was made to feel as if I should be ashamed for not participating. So what did I do? I participated, then at the end I received a certificate of 'graduation'. Do I feel as though my emotions are any more regulated or validated than they were before I started? Hell, no. But now I have a piece of paper saying I can conform when I need to. Congratulations to me. Thank you, Brian. Your podcasts have woken me the hell up. You have no idea how much I appreciate the frankness with which you speak. I was raised by narcissistic, adoptive, abusive parents, and I'm recognizing that now. Thank you, from one good 'ol Appalachian girl to a good 'ol Appalachian guy. I appreciate you!!" - N.H.




"It's just so logical. Simple, really. But I had no clue. I know that I have years to my recovery (I will recover!) but right now, I can actually 'see' these feelings, and therefore stop them, analyze them, and act in a better way, or not act at all. It's really cool... it's like I'm in my mind for the first time, slowly taking over the autopilot." - V.S. 

"Your podcasts and articles are truly a godsend, and I am currently working through the process of analyzing my personal history through the lens of understanding the nature of my distorted core beliefs, as you laid out." - A.S.

"I just want to say that one of the most amazing things has happened since listening to all of the podcasts two or three times (and at least one podcast a day for the past three weeks) and reading things on [your Facebook education] group. I feel like I am suddenly natural. I feel like when I talk to people, I am actually being myself for once. It used to be exhausting to talk to anyone. Now I'm just me. I just am. I just talk instead of thinking about what I'm saying and what the other person is saying and what everyone means or doesn't mean. And I really don't overthink like I used to. I am so much calmer inside. It really all feels very surreal." - L.S.


"In just under a week I have literally flipped my life around. I was wondering what kept making me fall into cycles of feeling good to bad, and it really was that distorted belief [of being] ashamed of my feelings. Now I've been living my past few days with no regrets. [I've gone] through physical, emotional, [and] verbal abuse, but I don't consider myself a victim of it, but instead a conquerer of it. There is no longer a voice of anxiety or depression in my head, as I am confident about [who] I am. I love myself internally and externally. Never had this feeling in my life until now. I am so thankful for you, Brian. It does get better!" - K.S. 


"Brian, I have been following you since I found you on [another website] maybe a little over a year ago. I realized I have Borderline Personality Disorder at age 68. I'm now 70. Upon realizing in my 30s that something was seriously wrong, I began to seek answers. I was diagnosed with depression. Therapy didn't help. I read countless self-help books. Nothing helped. In the meantime, I was living in hell and dragging my three beautiful children with me. It's a long story wrought with pain and devastation that is way too long to go into. At age 67 I went through one of the most excruciatingly painful experiences of my life, and believe me, there had been many. I knew I had Borderline Personality Disorder before I found you, Brian, and I was desperately looking for help. I have limited finances, so therapy wasn't an option. When I read your [articles about the] two distorted core beliefs [at the foundation of the disorder], I knew on the inside of me it was truth. I tried very hard to grasp what you were saying about proceeding, but I just couldn't seem to get it to come together. (This was before your podcasts and FB group.) Then, listening to your podcasts and reading your articles, it all began to click for me. The progress I have made is nothing short of miraculous. There is a deep healing going on between my children and I, as I have taken responsibility for my actions. I have not only sought to make amends with words, but my life is now a living of making amends, if that makes sense. I'm pleased to report they have each forgiven me. We still have a ways to go, but I'm ok with the fact we are progressing. Healing from Borderline Personality Disorder has become the legacy I will leave my children and grandchildren." - M.B. 

"[Your work] has influenced and changed my life more than you know." - S.S

"Thank you so much, Brian Barnett. I have lived knowingly with Borderline Personality Disorder since 2013. Diagnosed in May 2018. Previously, I believed it to be depression and anxiety, which I would be living with for the rest of my life. I am now on my second listening of your podcasts, and you have given me more hope for a full recovery than any [other] person or technique. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you." - J.E.R.




"Brian, I have listened to all of your podcasts several times, but you hit the ball out of the park with [Episode 37: Guilt Vs. Shame]. This is the message that was the beginning of turning things around for me. As you know, I've followed you [a long time], and it's taken awhile for me to grasp this concept. Learning the difference between Shame and Guilt has been invaluable for me. This truth led me to seek an understanding of my value, which has been a very personal spiritual journey for me. I'm not the same person I was 4-5 months ago. I've told you this before; you are my North Star, as I know you are for others, as well." - M.B. 

"Hello Brian, I found your podcast in February 2019, at the point of my rock-bottom. I listened to 33 episodes in 5 days. I then listened to them all again, including all the new episodes. I now find myself excited for Thursday afternoons at the gym with your podcast. You saved me. Thank you for saving my marriage, my relationship with my kids, and my life. My turnaround is nothing short of miraculous. Fifty-one years with BPD, and you have broken the shield in five days. Plenty of work left, but I am on my way to a full recovery." - M.E. 

"Hi Brian. I wanted to let you know that [all of your podcast episodes] help me a great deal, whether I realize it at the time of listening, some time after, maybe even some yet to be determined time. Your shows are quite honestly the only connection I have outside my own self and my own family. Of course, I try my best, as everyone claims they do. But it's so excruciatingly lonely sometimes. I look forward to your podcast every Thursday. Not only for the education, but the company; the way a familiar voice reading poetry I'd long since forgotten can somehow make the loneliness linger a little less. Thank you so much for doing what you're doing. I'm so grateful." - M.L. 

"Today is my husband's birthday and we are calling it his rebirth. Brian, I weep when I think of this gift you've given to him. You remind me of him in some ways. He is brilliant and was also thirty-five when he discovered himself he had it. He is not a hillbilly, though! He has treated me terribly, of course, but now I really know he always treated himself so much worse than he ever treated me. You have given him a new life. You have... taught him that he is not, and never was, a 'sewer rat'. I am moved to tears for everyone who was intentionally or unintentionally [communicated that message] when they were too young to know anything else. No one deserves to suffer with this. Thank you, thank you, Brian. You are giving life to so many." - J.S. 




To be continued...



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