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Who Gets to Enjoy “Healthy Relationships”?

Just remember that there is no such thing as “healthy relationships”, only healthy people.

The relationships we look at and identify around ourselves as being healthy are simply two healthy people and the ways they:

1. Healthily view themselves individually. (the most important.)

2. Healthily view the other person (and all other people).

3. Healthily interact between themselves as a result of these healthy perspectives.

In other words, two adult people who are each individually self-sufficient.

The nature of childhood inherently involves the need for caretakers - that is, the need for others to make sure our needs get met. Adulthood inherently involves self sufficiency.

So adult people in relationships with the mentality of childhood, where they view themselves as being dependent on others for their care, or at least view others as being responsible for certain aspects of their care, cannot experience what people would label as “healthy relationships”. (Again, there is no such thing as healthy or unhealthy relationships, only healthy or unhealthy people.)

Only adult people who correctly view themselves as being capable and responsible for their own care can experience what some would label as “healthy relationships”. Because this attitude of being capable and responsible leads to action, health, self-sufficiency, which is the very foundation for then enjoying good, healthy relations with self and others.


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