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Who Am I?


My name is Brian Barnett. I unknowingly lived with Borderline Personality Disorder for the first thirty-five years of my life. After a major crisis which resulted in excruciating losses, I was forced to become an authority on emotional disorders* out of genuine, personal necessity, in the interest of never again suffering such pain from the same causes. Over the course of roughly seven years, I managed to authentically and completely rid myself of the disorder. I now openly share the insights I gained from that experience to help others in their own efforts.

* Borderline Personality Disorder is an Emotional Disorder, not a 'mental illness', contrary to what many professional groups claim.

What Others Say

"The best thing that has ever happened to me."

"Suddenly, I can understand all the confusion that I have been going through all these years. I can understand exactly what was wrong. Nothing has ever made more sense to me. This has already freed me in indescribable ways."

L.S. (United States)

"No sabes cuántas veces..."

"...quisimos oír de alguien que queríamos y que se hacía daño y nos hacía daño, que al fin se daba cuenta de que tenía un problema, que quería hacer algo, que encontraba una salida y se arrepentía del dolor causado e incluso quería repararlo. Tu testimonio nos deja saber que no pensábamos algo imposible."

A.B. (South America)

"My life is completely different..."

"... and I'm so excited about what's to come. You will start seeing results quickly. And then you'll want more and more until you'll see your freedom appearing before your very own eyes and heart. Just focus on the basics."

J.P. (United States)

"I think Brian Barnett is an actual genius..."

"Your work has helped me beyond."

"The progress I have made is nothing short of miraculous."

"Not only did he... recover from [emotional disorder], but he also knows exactly how to define it so that others can truly understand it. Everything he says is spot on. Even if you miss it the first time or second time, if you keep listening and reading, you'll realize that every. single. thing. is perfectly described for each and every one of us, no matter who we are or where we are from; to really get it. I can't believe how lucky I am to have found [his work]."

"In my effort to support a loved one, I had basically devoured every internet site and books on the subject, with so much conflicted information, as well as misinformation. I was in a tailspin on exactly how I could support without going down the familiar road of codependency. You really have given me some life lessons on reality." 

"There is a deep healing going on between my children and I, as I have taken responsibility for my actions. I have not only sought to make amends with words, but my life is now a living making of amends, if that makes sense. I'm pleased to report they have each forgiven me. We still have a ways to go, but I'm ok with the fact we are progressing. Healing from [my emotional disorder] has become the legacy I will leave my children and grandchildren."

L.S. (Lebanon)

K.P. (United States)

M.B. (United Kingdom)

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