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Book Announcement; Plea to Publishers

Dear followers,

My typical schedule has been to post new articles to article library every Monday. You may have noticed that this has not happened for the past couple of weeks, and I wanted to take a moment to explain why.

For nearly two years, many people have continually asked me to write a book about Borderline Personality Disorder, and I have regularly promised them that I would. One issue in this regard is that I intend for my book to be comprehensive and definitive in scope, something that requires a lot of attention and work!

Quality is my utmost interest. After all, this book may be something that lives on long after me, which many thousands of people might depend on for their recovery. A lot of factors would be involved in this possibility becoming a reality, of course; most of these factors entirely out of my hands. I don't know what causes some books to do well and others to never make it past a first printing.

I'm a one-man show in that all of the material on this website, every episode of The Last Symptom of Borderline Personality Disorder podcast, and all interactions and final moderating of my Facebook Education Group are handled exclusively by me, and there are only so many hours in a day. My life consists of constantly cranking out brand new content, which I enjoy and do gladly, but that also requires a lot of effort and time.

And yet, I have come to appreciate just how crucial it is that I get my book finished, and that it be made available to those needing it. Therefore, I have made it my utmost priority, and I have set a deadline for myself to finish The Last Symptom of Borderline Personality Disorder book by late August. I may complete the book by this date or I may not, but by setting a concrete date, I have given myself something to aim for, and to work with focused intent towards.

The good news is that much of the manuscript for the book is already prepared, and the majority of my work now involves editing, rewriting, adding, deleting, and organizing. Currently, I am looking at 40 chapters.

My request for all who follow my work is this: If you are involved in the traditional publishing industry at all, please consider using your connections to help me secure a publisher for this work. You can contact me through this website, or you can simply write to

As I say, I hope to have the book finished by late August, and it would be very useful to me, as well as to all of those who have been waiting patiently for the book, to have secured a publisher between now and then. I realize my working draft will need to be edited, changes made at the request of the publisher, and so forth. Still, I want to emphasize that I really am only interested in publishing this work through a traditional publisher - a publisher who can give the book the attention it deserves, and can give it the type of distribution that will be of greatest benefit to society. Truly, this book is going to fill a vacuum that would be in any book publisher’s best interests, if there are any publishers willing to take a chance on it.

Thank you for anything you can do, and thank you for your patience and understanding while I focus my attention on the book for a while, at the sacrifice of new articles regularly appearing here.

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Daniel Hofmann
Daniel Hofmann

I have just discovered your work through your facebook group and I find that you do a wonderful job of reconnecting to the truth too often hidden by smoky theories relayed by so-called specialists.

Not only do you shed new light on borderline disorder, but you also give valuable advice on emotional balance in general.

I am French, my ex-wife suffered from this disorder and your writings enlighten me a lot about what I experienced with her. I would like your book to be published in France, it would help many people who feel lost in psychiatric theories.

I wish you every success with this book.


Shamala Del Rosario
Shamala Del Rosario

This is probably the most valuable information that the world needs to see. Doesnt just relate to Borderline Personality Disorder and has the potential to change individuals, families, and whole communities lives. I will certainly support you in every way I can. This candle shouldn't be hidden under a bushel. The absolute truth


Nicky Vee
Nicky Vee


Firstly, you’re brilliant. From one writer to another— hats off.

I had my ‘epiphany’ two days after learning of my BPD. Yesterday. On my own. No therapist involved. Everything makes sense now. It just all makes sense. It’s like someone took my internal dominos and knocked them down, causing a chain reaction of enlightenment to my core. A true “Ah-ha” moment. A beautiful yet tragic feeling.

I work in the media industry and will ask around to get some solid publisher contacts for you.

Your writing resonates with me to my soul, I’m sure many others feel the same. Thank you for everything you do for the BPD community.



Maggie Thomson
Maggie Thomson

This is wonderful news. Great job Brian. Looking forward to getting my hands on the book when it's ready 😊

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